Yoga village is designed as a modern but peaceful green safe heaven, inspired by Yoga in an area of 5 acres. The program consists of 50 chalets, a restaurant and a yoga hall. To achieve an atmosphere that is peaceful but also exciting a mixture of greenery, bamboo and natural materials is used.

Connection with nature is a central part in the design. To utilize the qualities present in the site, the urban plan is situated around a small but beautiful lake. The vistas created around the lake shaped the base for the urban scheme that loops around it. Creating exciting moments and a warm embracing welcome towards visitors. The urban plan is inspired by the symbol of Ohm and 5 different states are deducted to create a compelling layout. Like drops of water the Restaurant and Yoga hall wraps alongside the water and give shape to a plaza where yoga and outdoor terrace and other activities can be hosted.

One of the first buildings seen on the village is the Restaurant which acts as a beacon to arriving guests. It is inspired by the dream state which focuses on its connection with earth and opens up towards the lake. The walls are expressed with a woven bamboo pattern. Its organic shaped roof points towards the Yoga hall that is at the edge of the lake.The focus of the Yoga hall takes it inspiration from the absolute state and is orientated towards the sky. This is expressed in the great tree like spans achieved by bamboo frames and opening up the roof which lets small pockets of sunlight enter the hall and allow a more natural light to fill up the hall. Because it is shaped around the water, it was also possible to create a deck that allows yoga sessions to extend outside, being more connected with nature. The uniqueness of the roof is further articulated through the bamboo weave pattern that paints the top layer of the roof.
The Chalet is based on the state of Vinyasa, being in motion. This is expressed through the sloping roof that is supported with eloquent bamboo arches which frame the scenery over the landscape. We liked the idea that you can experience a more intimate experience through the roof simulating a motion as experienced in Vinyasa as you go form one pose into another. The layout is very flexible and a variety of floor plans can be implemented from more open to private.

The main bearing structures consists of bamboo frames supporting a bamboo thatched roof. The organic roofs are further expressed with arched bamboo. By using different types of bamboo an arch like expression can be achieved. The stronger straight bamboo is used in the columns and a more flexible type in the arches.
Bamboo is used abundantly throughout the whole village and is most vibrant in the supporting structural elements. To give a more mystic and natural feeling (reused) concrete is also implemented in the in flooring and non-load bearing walls.


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