work x social

Co-working has become ubiquitous over the last years. Finding an office space and having all the infrastructure running would be time and cost consuming for a start-up or freelancer. Millennials prefer to work independently but in a community where like-minded can share knowledge and socialize for networking. They also expect something fun, flexible and less constraint in conventional office etiquette.


Work X Social office space aims to create a social & working hub on a smaller scale. Independent working places in various sizes are lined up along a shared corridor. At the end of the corridor situates meeting places that can be booked by co-workers. The whole co-working office space is also furnished with lounge and coffee bar, offering comfort and leisure. We tried to give the structure a vigorous and dynamic touch by framing the glass rooms with dark colored aluminum. Public and private spaces are organically blended with each other through layout and the application of transparency. It has been designed to propel the co-workers in developing their work in a transparent manner, sharing ideas and stimulating potential collaborations.