We are seeing people staying single longer, having children later, and liking to live in downtown a little more than going for the suburbs. As with most of the bay area, rent can be rather expensive in San Jose. It’s rare to find an apartment for under $1,000 per month, and the average rate for a single bedroom apartments average around $2,500 with two-bedroom over $3,000. In regards to these demographic shifts, and in order to create more affordable units, cities like San Franciso, Boston have adopted zoning changes to allow micro-housing, with studio-apartments around 35 square meters on average.


The on-demand lifestyle favored by millennial IT workers is laying great impact on the housing market in Silicon Valley, USA.   Most micro-apartment dwellers are single professionals who are new to the city or launching new careers.

So the towns and renters are starting to accept those smaller and smallest apartments. Now the question is how to make it livable yet entertaining with maximized functionality.


Inspired by a python, of which the profile is often shaped by the food it eats, we furnish this tiny space with a cascading spiral staircase and fuse it with domestic activities combining eating, working, storage, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping, within one bold gesture that characterizes the whole space.


We choose maple wood in natural color to create a pressure-free environment. It also contrasts with the polished concrete floor, activating the dynamic in such space and therefore transcends the spatial boundary.