Stack is a furniture design project for Nagasaki antenna shop in collaboration with architectural office Re-Write. Like the stacked traditional Japanese wooden roof brackets, the furniture pieces are assembled by stacking wooden sticks of 40 by 40 mm thick. The character of traditional Japanese architecture elements emphasizes the local identity of this shop in Japan. This shop sells variation of local products of the prefecture Nagasaki in the south part of Japan. Certain art and food products are hard to get in any other shops in Tokyo, since some are only available in Nagasaki itself. However, the Japanese call them typically from Nagasaki, a lot of elements in this prefecture got influenced by other countries, like France, China, Portugal and the Netherlands before the 17th century. A Japanese prefecture with international allure. This local pride is shown in the blue, yellow, green and orange graphics on the wooden furniture pieces; the citrus fruits, the sea with smaller islands around, the Christian crosses and the China town lanterns. The furniture pieces are display shelves, display tables, terrace tables and benches. The wooden display shelves are the main elements of the Nagasaki satellite shop. They create open spaces and divisions between spaces of different activities. It’s more than just a shop, the wooden display shelves create a cafe space selling Nagasaki sweets and meals, a space for special lecture events and a Nagasaki travel agency.


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