tropical escape

Located in the suburb of Pattaya, Thailand, the holiday residence seeks an extension on the west side of estate and a redesign of whole landscape of front and back gardens. The existing villa structure is dominant in style and material use. Freely accessible to both north and south sides, the villa is connected with outside through sliding facades and terraces. It is a common gesture to be found in many types of secular architectures in South East Asia. The estate is constructed on a slope with average 13 degrees, which requires a tactic approach to utilize space.  The question is how to add an extension that copes well with the whole image of estate and how to restructure the front and back gardens so that the buildings will be well embedded and facilitated while being simultaneously entertained.

We are aiming at creating an environmental design as regard to material use and architectural languages. For a vernacular, functional and economical design, we are determined to source from local suppliers for Thai foliage and water-loving plants and building materials such as weather proofing natural stones from local quarry. 

The principle to master plan the estate is to firstly set up a central axis, then to build up visual and spatial connections by introducing in passage, opening and pathway. The central axis is in north-south direction, dividing estate into two main zones with east side private and west side for the guests and home service. A pergola parking facility is positioned at the further corner of estate in favor of maximizing the view from main villa. Services are engaged more on the back side of estate. In order that the back side is also utilized well, a barbeque garden and a traditional Thai gazebo garden are themed. In the central cross point finds the main terrace where outdoor activities like dining and drinks usually take place. We bring in a cascading water feature and position it next to the master bedroom of existing villa, catching immediate attention the moment one step into the front garden.  Linked by terrace and a water lily pond, the pool is characterized as a zen-like object, endowed with an inserted platform where the owner or guest can practice a water Yoga session. The pool is accessible from both the main terrace and pathway from setback side. In effort of providing a quality space for the meditation room in the extension, a zen-themed garden is added beside the extension and freely approachable from inside the room and outside from the passage.  Zen garden is also visually connected to the main terrace.

tropical escape residence
tropical escape residence
tropical escape residence