mangrove residence

In the course of drastic climate change over decades, deforestation is one of the major causes of many dreadful phenomenon’s such as global warming, greenhouse effect etc. The most severe deforestation happens in tropical rainforests due to the conversion of forestland to farmland, ranches or urban use. Large scale deforestation of mangroves occurs in around America and South & Southeast Asia, where Indonesia has the highest rate of deforestation yet most difficult institutional environment for forest preservation. This particular situation drew our attention when defining the site. Therefore, we looked closely into Indonesian mangrove forests.


Mahakam Delta, located at the mouth of the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan, is a mixed fluvialtidal dominated delta, covering about 1800 km2 and consisting of mangrove areas near the shore, Nypa swamps in the central areas and mixed-use lowlands. A scientific research has shown that most damage to the forests take place in Nypa swamp and mangrove (avicennia and sonneratia) areas due to the fishery development.


In order to preserve the existing mangrove while be able to reforest the critically affected area with young mangroves, we propose a design that is versatile in providing a station for research and plantation and creating a new lifestyle for the context- mangrove farm living.

A squared donut structure that blends front and back, enabling free accessibility and flexibility in orienting and positioning, the architecture is fully embedded in the forest. An all-around panoramic circulation maximizes the view toward surrounding nature while man experiences the continuous space effortlessly. The central court-pool with plantation frames a scene of tranquility and a sense of privacy, which elevates the functionality by synthesizing inside and outside. The elevation is totally openable, and, for the purpose of keeping out insects, is installed with pivot-sliding net panels. To cope with the tidal water levels, a floating-system is applied in the architecture, that again defines our proposal as environmental friendly and as a responsive manifesto toward the climate change.

project house in forrest
project house in forrest
project house in forrest